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                               CHAPTER OFFICERS


President-David Hoferer 847-660-0650


Vice Pres.-Paul Roisen 712-301-2817


Programs- Leesa McNeil 712-253-2412


Secretary-Randy Williams 712-259-4705


Treasurer-Jeri Watkins 712-389-6342


Membership-Donna Popp 712-274-1979


Newsletter-Anne Shaner 712-252-2182


Iowa Audubon-Rex Rundquist 712-251-0345 or 712-255-3136


Conservation-Bill Zales 802-275-4716 (text only)


Education-Jody Moats 712-490-5570


Outings-Jerry VonEhwegen 712-276-1546


Bird Food Sales-Bill&Dotty Zales 712-568-1006


Social Committee-Carol Blair 712-948-3350


Publicity-Dawn Snyder 258-0838or898-9168


Birdathon Czar-Paul Roisen 712-301-2817 or 712-276-0371


Audubon Adventures-Gary Heineman 712-428-6443


Naturalist-Jody Moats 712-490-5570


Past President-John Polifka 712-253-2138


Website-Jerry VonEhwegen 712-276-1546

LHAS maintains a bird hotline. Contact Bill Huser for more information. 

Bill Huser 402-494-1657

LHAS also maintains an email file for notifying members and others of upcoming meetings, outings, and special events. Contact Donna Popp for more information. Donna Popp 712-251-5535

Loess Hills Audubon Society
PO Box 5133
Sioux City, IA 51102