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Mission Statement

The Loess Hills Audubon Society exists to educate individuals and the general public, to enjoy and promote birding, to support ornithology, and to be an advocate for wild areas and environmental issues.

Chapter Goals

1.  To educate the public on the need to protect wild birds and all other animals, trees and all other plants, soil, air and water, and to promote a better public understanding of these natural resources.

Action Plan:

--Raise monies for the purchase and distribution of Audubon Adventures for local schools.

--Support the Important Bird Areas and Bird Conservation Areas programs.

--Promote issue advocacy.

--Increase membership.

2.  To provide the opportunity for study and observation of birds and other wildlife.

Action Plan:

--Schedule monthly outings to observe birds and educate club members and the public about bird and other wildlife habitat.

--Present bird identification classes as part of some monthly meetings.

--Maintain a bird hotline to advise members and the public of local sightings.

--Promote the marketing and distribution of our Siouxland Bird Guide.

--Continue Bird Food sales as a primary fund raiser.

3.  To contribute to research in the fields of conservation and ornithology by monetary support and active participation.

Action Plan:

--Participate in local annual Christmas Bird Counts.

--Participate in the annual Birdathon.

--Participate in the annual Great Backyard Bird Count.

--Participate in Feederwatch.

--Participate in local bird surveys.

--Maintain Bluebird trails and report results to the Iowa Bluebird Directory.

4.  To promote the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment and encourage interest in the study of nature.

Action Plan:   

--Hold 9 club meetings during the year that emphasize the conservation of birds and other wildlife.

--Publish a bi-monthly newsletter of club activities and conservation news.

--Publish club meeting dates and program  information in the Sioux City Journal.

--Maintain a web site of club activities and conservation news.

--Support Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center projects.

--Support Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve projects.

--Support Stone State Park projects.

--Support local Nature Conservancy projects.