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Donations to Loess Hills Audubon Society to Fund Conservation and Education Projects Can Be Made Through The Link Below.

TO PAY THROUGH PayPal or by Credit Card Click Here!

Membership Information

When you join the Loess Hills Audubon Society, you also become a member of the National Audubon Society. The many benefits associated with National Audubon and Loess Hills Audubon include:

  • Subscription to Audubon, an award-winning bimonthly magazine published by the National Audubon Society containing informative articles on wildlife and environmental topics.
  • Subscription to More from Loess, our newsletter (produced electronically and emailed to members 5 times a year), to keep you informed about Loess Hills Audubon's activities and conservation efforts.
  • Participate in outings to areas as close as Stone Park, Brown's Lake, Snyder’s Bend, Owego Wetlands, Broken Kettle Grasslands, Southwood Conservation Area, and many others, or as distant as DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge or Hitchcock Nature Area near Omaha.
  • Enjoy hearing experts discuss and highlight a variety of nature topics at monthly meetings.
  • Make a difference by taking advantage of our many volunteer opportunities. These include helping at Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, Adam’s Homestead, participating in work days in Stone Park, helping with bird counts and surveys, promoting environmental issues and much more.
  • Support our mission to educate individuals and the general public, to enjoy and promote birding, and to be an advocate for wild areas and environmental issues.

First-Time Memberships

National Audubon Society

National Audubon Society (NAS) members are automatically members of the local chapter in your area.  In this case it would the Loess Hills Audubon Society (LHAS) here in Sioux City, IA.

LHAS provides “incentive monies” to the local chapter by returning the entire First Year membership donation to the local recruiting chapter—in this case the LHAS.  The NAS policy of returning the entire amount back to the recruiting chapter not only helps provide additional funding for the local chapter to improve projects and goals and but also encourages the chapter to recruit more members.  This in turn is helpful to NAS as it increases its membership numbers while provide more ongoing funding for national projects as members renew in future years.

Membership:  Minimum amount is $20.00 dollars. It is crucial NAS knows you were “recruited” by the Loess Hills Audubon Society (H52) since ALL of your First-time membership dollars are returned to the LHAS. This happens ONLY for brand new memberships (never for membership renewal even if membership had expired).

***This is a one-time opportunity to give a larger amount that will be returned IN FULL to the LHAS , for our use, to provide funding for local projects.

***Do NOT send check directly to National Audubon or sign up on their website—Doing so will mean NO incentive money for the Loess Hills Audubon Society.

In order for the LHAS to be eligible for the incentive money, proper processing must take place.  Here are the only two ways to properly register as a first-time member in order for the “incentive” money to be paid to the LHAS.


1)     Begin by completing the Member Information Form at the bottom of the page.

2)     Follow the procedure for:

a.     Mail in  OR

b.     Online


a)  Mail In

Enclose the Member Registration Form (Cut it off).  Make Check out to National Audubon Society—write H52 in the memo line—and mail it to us.


Mailing Address:

        Loess Hills Audubon Society

        P.O. Box 5133

        Sioux City, IA  51102


b) Online  (this is the only online link that will make sure that the money benefit the LHAS!)

Online connection:     Enter the link (below) and it will take you directly to the NAS online payment system.


                        You will see that the “Loess Hills Audubon Society (H52)” has already been selected.



Member Information:    *required information

*First Name: _____________________          *Last Name:________________________

*Street Address: __________________          *City: ____________________ 

*State: __________                                      *Zip Code:  __________________

*Email: ______________________________________    (Newsletter and activities notices)

Phone:  ____________________        If you have no email a phone contact is necessary.  


Questions related to First-Time membership please contact:  Donna Popp at:  or Paul Roisen:  at 712-301-2817   or  I am available anytime to chat.

National Audubon Society/Loess Hills Audubon Society  


I.      Memberships are for a one (1) year period only for all members--no more long-term renewals.

II.     Renewals may be mailed, done online, or by calling Chapter Services   (info below under Renewals Only)

III.    Renewal minimum is $20 per year.

IV.    Larger donations are very helpful to both the National Audubon Society (NAS) and to the local chapter— The Loess Hills Audubon Society (LHAS).

V.     CRUCIAL information:  NAS sends out all kinds of mailings requesting member donations—CONFUSING!!!    If you wish to make a donation you may do it anytime you wish.   If you are just trying to renew then the following should be helpful.

a.     Do not renew more than 6 months PRIOR to your expiration date or it will go as a DONATION and not a renewal.

b.     Email address is now required—This is  ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for NAS or LHAS to make needed contacts with members.

c.     Update your info—address, email, phone when you renew—Please.

d.     If you do not have an email address you will have to renew by calling Chapter Services PLEASE include a phone#.

e.     Have your Member ID available to insure you do not end up with duplicate or even triplicate memberships.

f.      If you have any questions about expiration dates, member ID, or anything else, please contact us (see paragraph VIII).


Some helpful ideas to avoid common frustrations and issues.

VI.    Request that Audubon limit your notices for donations and mailings to ONE (1) per year by calling Chapter Services.

VII.   Request to NOT receive the magazine.   Call Chapter Services.

VIII.  LHAS Membership help:  Donna Popp at:  or Paul Roisen:  at 712-301-2817 at 


IX.   LHAS works on many projects and provides funding for requests from local projects in line with Audubon goals.  We would be extremely grateful for any donations you might wish to send directly to the LHAS chapter.  Funding checks for LHAS should be sent directly to the address in  the box at the bottom of the page.



You may renew in any of the following ways:  Best to have your ID, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code and email address and phone number.  This is now required as there were numerous members who could not be contacted by either NAS or LHAS.  Snail mail is no longer much of an option.


Mailing Address     Make the check out to National Audubon Society—write “renewal” in the memo line.  Send it to:

            National Audubon Society

            P.O. Box 97194

            Washington, DC  20090-7194


Online connections

            You may safely click on this link, as it will take you directly to the NAS online payment system.

            RENEWAL LINK-- Audubon RENEWAL LINK   or   Go to:   and click on renew.


Chapter Services--

800-542-2748   It is important that you have your Member ID.  If not make sure that they do not give you a different ID.




Loess Hills Audubon Society

P.O. Box 5133

Sioux City, IA  51102