Five Ridge Prairie

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Five Ridge Prairie Preserve

Plymouth County, Iowa

Five Ridge Prairie is located 11 miles southeast of Westfield, Iowa. Look for the sign on blacktop road K 18.

NOTE: There is a north turn and a south turn for K 18. The south side returns you to Sioux City (do not pass Go, do not collect $200); the north turn takes you to where you want to go: Five Ridge.

The entrance to the Five Ridge Prairie Preserve is about a mile north of K 18 via 260th ST. WARNING: This road could be slippery when wet!

Five Ridge Prairie is 790 acres of largely undeveloped Loess Hills prairie (on the ridges) and woodlands (in the ravines) managed by the Plymouth County Conservation Board. Only the southern most area of Five Ridge, with the entrance and parking area, is shown on the above map. The preserve continues to the north. This is one of the largest remaining roadless areas in the Loess Hills.


  • K 18 (north) corner to 260th ST (dirt road to Five Ridge Prairie entrance): 3.5 miles
  • West entrance of Stone Park to the K 18 (north) corner: 5.5 miles
  • Loess Ridge Nature Center corner to west entrance of Stone Park: 1 mile
  • Riverside Boulevard exit from I-29 to Loess Ridge Nature Center corner: 3.5 miles


  • Birding
  • Cross-country skiing (with appropriate conditions)
  • Hiking
  • Hunting (during appropriate seasons)
  • Mountain biking on established trails
  • Photography


  • Hiking trails

More Information:

Plymouth County Conservation Board
Hillview Recreation Area
RR #1, Box 208
Hinton, IA 51024