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Sioux City Prairie

Woodbury County, Iowa


One hundred and fifty acres of remnant tallgrass prairie with shrubs and trees in the draws. The Sioux City Prairie is owned by The Nature Conservancy and is jointly managed by the Iowa Chapter of TNC and the Woodbury County Conservation Board.

Entry to the Sioux City Prairie is from the northeast corner on the backside of Briar Cliff College or from Talbot Road. If you're on the east side, go ahead and use the Briar Cliff parking lot. The entrance is actually up the small hill behind the Briar Cliff machine sheds on the west side of the parking lot.

Talbot Road runs along the west side of the Sioux City Prairie. The west entrance to the Sioux City Prairie is readily available from the road. Parking is along the roadside. FYI: Go far enough north on Talbot and you will encounter the east entrance to Stone Park. 


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More information:

Woodbury County Conservation Board
4500 Sioux River Road
Sioux City, IA 51109
(712) 258-0838