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March 2017 Bird Of Month
Greater White-fronted Goose

In North America, this gray goose is found mainly west of the Mississippi River. Nests on Arctic tundra wetlands and winters in agricultural fields, marshes, bays, and lakes in mild climates. Wintering flocks leave night roosts before sunrise to fly to feeding areas, and musical gabbling and honking can be heard from wavering lines of White-fronts passing overhead at dawn. It gleans grain from fields, grazes on grass and forages in shallow water by tipping-up. A long-distance migrant, it migrates by day or night and follows established routes and relies on traditional stopover points on migration. As is true of many geese, Greater White-fronted Goose pairs stay together for years and migrate together, along with their offspring. Large migrating flocks are common in our area and they can be identified in flight by their distinctive high pitched bark: kla-ha! or kla-hah-luk!


Loess Hills Audubon Society meets at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, 4500 Sioux River Road the first Thursday of the month during the months of October thru May at 7:30 P.M. The first meeting of the year is the annual potluck at Stone Lodge in Stone State Park at 6:00 P.M.

Each of these meetings includes a quality program of various subjects. The public is invited and welcome to attend these meetings. Check the Meetings Page for information on upcoming programs.

Birding outings occur monthly. The public is invited and welcome to attend these outings. Check the Outings Page for information on upcoming outings.

Loess Hills Audubon Society
PO Box 5133
Sioux City, IA 51102

Mission Statement

The Loess Hills Audubon Society exists to educate individuals and the general public, to enjoy and promote birding, to support ornithology, and to be an advocate for wild areas and environmental issues.


"Loess Hills Audubon Society is a Chapter of National Audubon Society, Inc."

Last Month's Bird Of The Month

February 2017 Bird Of month
Carolina Wren

Look—or listen—for Carolina Wrens singing or calling from dense vegetation in wooded areas, especially in forest ravines. These birds love to move low through tangled understory; they frequent backyard brush piles and areas choked with vines and bushes. Its teakettle, teakettle song delivers an amazing number of decibels for its size. This wren often cocks its tail upward while foraging and holds it down when singing. It explores yards, garages, and woodpiles, sometimes nesting there. They're versatile nesters, making use of discarded flowerpots, mailboxes, propane-tank covers, and a variety of other items. Their nests have even been found in old coat pockets and boots. This hardy bird has been wintering farther north in recent years but northern populations decrease markedly after severe winters. We are on the northern edge of its range locally, but it can be found in South Ravine and the ravine areas of Stone State Park.