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July 2016 Bird Of Month
Western Kingbird

An eye-catching bird with ashy gray and lemon-yellow plumage, the Western Kingbird is a familiar summertime sight in open habitats across western North America. This large flycatcher sallies out to capture flying insects from conspicuous perches on trees or utility lines, flashing a black tail with white edges. Their sharp kip notes and other squeaky calls can help lead you to them. At the end of summer, Western Kingbirds begin their southward migration by flying to New Mexico, eastern Arizona, and northern Mexico, where they undergo a complete molt. Then they migrate the rest of the way to southern Mexico and Central America. Sioux City is on the Eastern border of their normal range, but locally they can quite often be seen perched on the utility lines near the stop light by Hy-Vee on South Lakeport (gives you something to do while waiting for that LONG light to change!).


Loess Hills Audubon Society meets at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, 4500 Sioux River Road the first Thursday of the month during the months of October thru May at 7:30 P.M. The first meeting of the year is the annual potluck at Stone Lodge in Stone State Park at 6:00 P.M.

Each of these meetings includes a quality program of various subjects. The public is invited and welcome to attend these meetings. Check the Meetings Page for information on upcoming programs.

Birding outings occur monthly. The public is invited and welcome to attend these outings. Check the Outings Page for information on upcoming outings.

Loess Hills Audubon Society
PO Box 5133
Sioux City, IA 51102

Mission Statement

The Loess Hills Audubon Society exists to educate individuals and the general public, to enjoy and promote birding, to support ornithology, and to be an advocate for wild areas and environmental issues.


"Loess Hills Audubon Society is a Chapter of National Audubon Society, Inc."

Last Month's Bird Of The Month

June 2016 Bird Of Month

Perched on a grass stem or displaying in flight over a field, breeding male Bobolinks are striking. No other North American bird has a white back and black underparts. The male also has a rich, straw-colored patch on the head. In spring, male Bobolinks sing their bubbling song while giving conspicuous display flights low over grasslands, fluttering their wings while singing. As summer ends he molts into a buff and brown female-like plumage. Though they’re still fairly common in grasslands, Bobolink numbers are declining. The Bobolink is one of the world’s most impressive songbird migrants, traveling some 12,500 miles to and from southern South America every year. The species name of the Bobolink, oryzivorus means “rice eating” and refers to this bird’s appetite for rice and other grains, especially during migration and in winter. One of our late arriving migrants, it can be found locally at Owego Wetlands and Broken Kettle Grasslands.